Video: US Student’s Service Dog Receives Honors Diploma

Video: US Student’s Service Dog Receives Honors Diploma
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Video: US Student's Service Dog Receives Honors Diploma

Seton Hall President Joseph E Nyre hands Justin a rolled certificate.

A service dog named Justin turned heads at the graduation ceremony at Seton Hall University in New Jersey by taking a diploma onstage.

People are praising the viral video that captured the moment, which was originally shared by the institution on social media and shows Justin receiving his diploma.

In the video, Seton Hall’s Joseph E. Nyre introduces Grace Mariani and Justin, her service dog, with their captions.

Watch the video here:

According to trendswire, the audience cheered loudly as Justin accepted the rolled-up document, celebrating his dedication to not only helping Mariani but attending all of her classes during his time at the school.

Mariani graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education. Her goal is to teach elementary and special education, the university told trendswire.

Justin has been by her side since she welcomed him through the nonprofit Canine Companions for Independence on Long Island.

With Justin by her side, Mariani intends to teach elementary and special education.

The company of the dog and its owner caught the attention of everyone who saw the video on the Internet.

“It was great to have been in the same training class at Canine Companions as Grace and Justin! What an amazing time,” one user commented.

“This has got to be the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen! I rooted for everyone! It was worth the standing ovation! Congratulations Grace and Justin!” another user wrote.

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