Video: Anand Mahindra impressed by this unique inflatable kids’ T-shirt

Video: Anand Mahindra impressed by this unique inflatable kids’ T-shirt
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Video: Anand Mahindra impressed by this unique inflatable kids' T-shirt

Anand Mahindra took to Twitter to share the interesting video.

Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra, keeps his Twitter followers engaged and never fails to amaze us with his social media posts. The Mahindra Group Chairman’s Twitter handle is full of interesting, inspiring and witty tweets, often pique the interest of social media users. He is especially a fan of all things Indian and often champions his love and support for desi innovations.

Yesterday, he shared a new product that a person displayed at an event, which is an inflatable T-shirt for children.

The video shows how the unique anti-drowning shirt instantly converts into a life jacket, offering an essential layer of safety in the water.

“This may not win a Nobel Prize, but for me it ranks higher than those inventions. As a grandfather to two young children, their well-being and safety are my top priorities,” Mahindra wrote in the post.

Watch the video here:

Nearly a million people viewed the video and left thoughtful comments in the video’s comment section on social media.

“I believe that the greatest inventions are not always tangible, but rather the acts that shape and safeguard the future of our world. Our children and grandchildren are the living embodiment of hope and promise, they represent the continuation of our legacy and the standard-bearers of progress.” commented one user.

“Excellent innovation. I have a friend whose 3-year-old son drowned in a pool and has been on life support in the US for over a year in critical condition. That pool was waist deep in water and yet , this happened. ”, another user wrote.

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