Twitter Spaces team down to ‘approximately three’ employees out of 100

Twitter Spaces team down to ‘approximately three’ employees out of 100
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New Delhi: The Twitter Spaces team, which once had as many as 100 employees, has been reduced to “approximately three” people, a report revealed, since the technical “fiasco” during the Florida governor’s 2024 US presidential election bid Ron DeSantis on the platform this week rocked the world.

For months, the Spaces team has been operating without most of the “institutional knowledge it’s amassed since Twitter added live audio conversations in 2021 to compete with Clubhouse,” Platformer reports.

“Virtually no one left knows the current architecture in depth,” wrote a person on a pseudonymous employee forum named Blind. After almost 20 minutes of failure, DeSantis was finally able to make the announcement.

“I am running for President of the United States to lead our great American comeback,” DeSantis said. Musk and David Sacks, a tech entrepreneur, admitted that the limited capacity of Twitter’s servers played a role in the problems they faced getting the event up and running.

“This was by far the largest room ever on social media. Twitter performed very well after some initial scaling challenges. Thank you Twitter team for adapting so quickly to make history,” Sacks said in a statement. Tweet.

However, the outgoing CEO of Twitter said the technical “fiasco” was actually the “biggest news in the world” and welcomes all US presidential candidates to do so on his platform.


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