trendswire – Jay’Quan Bostic cuts his roster to a top 13

trendswire – Jay’Quan Bostic cuts his roster to a top 13
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Jay’Quan Bostic pared down his long list of offers to a top 13 this afternoon. He currently has an official visit set up and is in the process of scheduling several more.

Before posting his top list, Bostic sat down with Rivals to break down why each school made the cut.


“Michigan made the cut because the facility is really nice. They train the kids to play at a high level. They play fast, physically, and it’s just a great school to go to.”

Michigan State:

“Michigan State always shows love. They come to school every other week. I feel like they have potential and are on the rise. That team will get better and better as the years go by.”


“The U, their facilities are crazy. Plus, it’s Miami and the weather is great. That life in Florida would be different — a guy from Cincinnati going to Florida would be crazy. The wide receivers coach offered me in Toledo and then he came back and offered me me in Miami, he’s a real guy.”


“Safety Trainer, OB Trainer (Grant O’Brien) he’s been with me since he first came to Purdue and I like that about him. He said he develops guys, he could play like a real freshman as long as he comes on campus and does what I have to do and that’s what I like to hear.”


“That’s VC trainer Vince (Vince Marrow). She’s taken a chance on me in the past and has been watching me for a long time. She’s been coming to the school here and there and she’s a real guy. I love the way Marrow trains, trains (Mark) slouches He’s a good head coach, the security coach has been great with me too. They have a nice campus and the fan base is very nice too.”

West Virginia:

“Coach (Jordan) Wesley He offered me to come back during the season. He’s been telling me we need this kid since day one. He wants to take me up there and I’ve scheduled an official visit for June 9-11, so I’ll see how it goes. West Virginia is like the only team, you’re famous there without any professional team or anything like that. It’s West V and the fanbase is crazy.”

Georgia Tech:

“Georgia Tech is in Atlanta and that’s a great place to live. There’s a lot to do there and my family is from Georgia. The receiving coach is a good coach and it all stands out to me.”


“Local hero. I love UC because that’s where I’m from. I was born and raised in Cincinnati. Coach (Kerry) Coombs he’s a good guy: he takes risks with the kids, wants to see them develop and go to the next level. Coach (Bryan) Brownthe defensive coordinator, he came from Louisville and he’s been a good recruiting coach and he keeps up with the kids.”


“Coach (Randy) Bates They’ve been my boys since day one. He thinks he would fit in very well there in high school. He’s a great coach and when you get two picks you get a pair of Jordans so I like that too. They also share a facility with the Steelers and I like that about them, too.”


“Illinois with coach Charlie (Bullen), we were about to communicate by phone to arrange an official visit. They just had a first round draft pick and I feel like he’s going to develop you to be the best guy on and off the field.”


“Duke is a great school and education is important to me. I feel like if I go to Duke, get a great education and go out there and play, you’ll be recognized.”


“The wide receivers coach, coach (Michael) Johnson he’s a real guy. He came to see me this week. He explained how he will put his resume on the table against anyone. I believe him, I believe in him and I feel like he could take me to the next level if I choose Syracuse.”

Boston College:

“The corner coach tells me how he develops the kids on and off the pitch. It’s bigger than football and they’re a family. They have good facilities, a good campus and great academics which make it good overall. I feel like that It’s a program that will continue to improve.”


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