Top 5 Places to Watch IPL Finals 2023 Live in Mumbai

Top 5 Places to Watch IPL Finals 2023 Live in Mumbai
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Get ready for the ultimate IPL extravaganza in the heart of Mumbai! We’ve got the inside scoop on the hottest spots where you can catch the electrifying action, cheer until your voice trails off, and soak up the unbeatable vibes of the IPL 2023 final. From thrilling atmospheres to die-hard fans, this ultimate guide is your ticket to experience the final of ipl like a true cricket fan. So get ready to join the frenzy, support your beloved team and unleash your inner cricket fan in an IPL showdown you’ll never forget!
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Here are the top 5 places to watch the IPL final live in Mumbai:

1. Aufside Mega IPL Extravaganza at Kanakia Silicon Valley, Powai


Photo credit: Aufside

Get ready for the best IPL screening experience in Aufside! This Pune-based sports bar is bringing the biggest live screening of the IPL to Mumbai. With a massive 60ft x 30ft screen and an energetic outdoor atmosphere, you’ll be surrounded by cheers, cheers and the electrifying spirit of the game. This is an event you won’t want to miss!

2. Elsewhere, Jio World Drive, BKC: The perfect cricket hideout

Looking for a home away from home to enjoy the IPL? Someplace Else is the place to be. With its vibrant and engaging mood-enhancing atmosphere, it’s the perfect haven for some quality downtime with your friends. They even have IPL specials like Double Combo, Boundary Combo and Sixer Combo along with exclusive beer and starter options. Get ready to enjoy the best IPL experience!

3. Hitchki, BKC: Your Cricket Spot to Hang Out


Photo credit: Hitchki

Cricket season is here, and Hitchki is the place to be for live matches and delicious food at affordable prices. Get a “stadium-like experience” as you cheer on your team and savor your favorite dishes. Gather your friends and head over to Hitchki for an unforgettable IPL viewing experience.

4. 145 Cafe and Bar: Where sports and good times collide


Photo credit: 145 Cafe and Bar

If you’re looking for the ultimate sports screening experience, look no further than 145 Cafe and Bar. From flavored popcorn to magical masala potato peels and Kejriwal toast, they have some of the coolest bar snacks to satisfy your cravings. cravings. Add to that your funky drinks, and you’re all set to have some fun during the last game of the season.

5. Lord of the Drinks: The Party Dungeon for IPL Enthusiasts


Photo Credit: Lord of the Drinks

Lord of the Drinks is known for throwing some of the wildest parties around, but this time they’re turning up the heat for the IPL. Game days here are filled with grit, determination and an abundance of passion. If you are looking for a crazy night full of non-stop excitement, Lord of the Drinks will exceed your expectations.
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Get ready to celebrate the IPL final in style at these must-see places in Mumbai. Whether you’re a cricket fan or just looking for a fun and exciting experience, these places have you covered. Gather your friends, cheer on your favorite team and let the excitement of the IPL take over!


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