The heads of the central and state governments have introduced complex legislation in the past without inviting Prez | Details

The heads of the central and state governments have introduced complex legislation in the past without inviting Prez |  Details
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Amid all the noise about who should and should not inaugurate the new parliament building, a look at recent history will show that the former heads of the central and state governments have revealed complexes of legislative houses in different states. At some of these events, the then Prime Minister was present along with the leading ministers of the states, but the President was not invited.

But opposition parties have decided to boycott the inauguration ceremony of the new parliament building on May 28 amid a war of words with the central government that President Droupadi Murmu should inaugurate the new building and not Prime Minister Narendra Modi. .

In a 2011 case, then-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh inaugurated new buildings in Imphal, including the city’s new assembly complex and convention centre. According to a report published by NDTVHe was accompanied by the then president of the UPA and deputy Sonia Gandhi.

In 2010, Manmohan Singh inaugurated the world’s first “green” legislative building – the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly Complex. He was again accompanied by Sonia Gandhi, with the then CM M Karunanidhi also present.

More recently, Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar inaugurated the central hall of the legislative assembly in February 2019. At the event, Kumar spoke about the concept of federalism, saying that it had not been fully implemented in the country until now.

“The Center and the states, both have been granted certain rights. While special provisions have been made for the autonomy of the states, the Center, at the same time, has been given certain responsibilities… The concept of federalism must be fully implemented,” he said, while speaking about the “Role of the legislature in the Constitution of India. ‘, according to a report published in Indian Times.

The report said that a large number of former lawmakers also attended the inauguration of the iconic central hall, which according to the prime minister was built on the same pattern as the central hall of parliament. Now, both the Congress and the JD(U) led by Nitish Kumar are part of the boycott of the inauguration of the new parliament building.

According to media reports, it was then PM Indira Gandhi who inaugurated the parliament annex on October 24, 1975. On August 15, 1987, then PM Rajiv Gandhi laid the foundation for the parliament library. The president was not invited to these two events.

Turning the pages of history, it will also be interesting to take a look at the inauguration of the old parliament building by Viceroy Lord Irwin on January 18, 1927. According to newspaper reports at the time, leaders of different political parties such as Congress and Swaraj Party including Motilal Nehru attended the opening ceremony. The rulers of the princely states also attended the opening ceremony.

A total of 19 opposition parties have decided to boycott the inauguration of the new parliament building by the prime minister. On Wednesday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said parliament was not built on “ego bricks” but on constitutional values. The senior congress leader said not allowing President Murmu to inaugurate the new building and not inviting her to the ceremony was an “insult” to the country’s highest constitutional office. Several congressional leaders also criticized the government for the takeover.

The opposition parties said in a joint statement: “Despite our belief that the government is threatening democracy and our disapproval of the autocratic manner in which the new parliament was built, we were open to sinking our differences and celebrating this occasion.” .

But, they said, Prime Minister Modi’s decision to inaugurate the new building himself, “bypassing President Droupadi Murmu entirely, is not only a grave insult but a direct attack on our democracy that demands a commensurate response.”

Opposition parties said the president is not only the head of state in India, but also an integral part of Parliament when it convenes, prolongs and addresses it. “In short, parliament cannot function without the president. However, the prime minister has decided to inaugurate the new parliament building without her. This unworthy act insults the high office of the president and violates the letter and spirit of the Constitution. It undermines the spirit of inclusiveness that saw the nation celebrate its first adivasi female president,” the parties said, according to a report published by the news agency. ITP.

Congress, Trinamool Congress, DMK, JD(U), AAP, CPI-M, CPI, SP, NCP, SS(UBT), RJD, IUML, JMM, NC, KC(M), RSP, VCK, MDMK, RLD are the signatories to the joint statement.


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