Teases at MG Gloster’s ‘Black Storm’ edition: What to expect – trendswire

Teases at MG Gloster’s ‘Black Storm’ edition: What to expect – trendswire
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mg Motor India has released a sneak peek of an upcoming special edition variant of the Gloster SUV – its flagship offer in the country. Known as the ‘Black Storm’ edition, the special version is expected to feature some cosmetic changes over the standard Gloster, both on the exterior and interior.
He MG Gloster Black Storm it could be available exclusively with the black color scheme and even feature blacked-out elements like the front grille, alloy wheels, etc. Otherwise, the Gloster is packed with chrome on the exterior, but the blacked-out treatment will give it a sportier appeal. That said, the ‘Black Storm’ badging will likely be seen on the exterior, possibly on the front fenders or D-pillars.

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Inside, the MG Gloster You get tan seats, with a three-tone treatment of black spruce, beige, and tan for the cabin. The Black Storm edition could have an all-black cabin with some contrasting elements. It remains to be seen if MG Motor continues to offer some additional features with the Gloster Black Storm.

That being said, it’s likely that no mechanical changes will be made to the SUV. The Gloster is powered by a 2.0-litre diesel engine that is available in two different states of tune. In its lower version, the engine generates 161PS of power and 374Nm of torque, while the higher-powered version is rated at 216PS/479Nm. The former has a 2WD setup, while the latter is equipped with a 4WD setup. Both engines are offered with an 8-speed automatic gearbox as standard.
Stay tuned to TOI Auto for all the updates on the MG Gloster Black Storm.


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