Sky Go on Xbox One/X/S. [Sky Q | Screencast] – Thanos Technology

Sky Go on Xbox One/X/S. [Sky Q | Screencast] – Thanos Technology
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The Sky Go app just got even better with its latest and greatest update. The new Sky Go app user interface is sleek and easy to navigate. Get the app now on your compatible devices and get the best TV streaming experience. Xbox is one of the devices supported by the Sky Go app. If you want to install and watch live TV on your Xbox using the Sky Go app, follow this article. Here you can find the procedure to install and the step to subscribe and access Sky Go on Xbox.

Can you get Sky Go on Xbox?

heaven go

You can easily download and install the Sky Go app on your Xbox game console through the Microsoft Store. The Sky Go app can be installed on game consoles such as Xbox One, Xbox X and Xbox S. After installation, you need to provide your Sky subscription credentials and activate your account to access live TV and on-demand content.

It is also possible to connect your Sky Box to your Xbox console and watch all the channels available on your cable subscription. Alternatively, you can stream the Sky Go app from your iOS or Android devices to your game console and watch it on your TV.

How to get Sky Go on Xbox One/X/S?


Sky Go app can be easily installed on your Xbox One/X/S game consoles from your default app store. After you get the app, you can use your Sky ID to access live TV, sports, movies, TV shows and more entertainment on your Xbox. Now follow the simple procedure given here to get the SkyGo app on your game console.

How to install Sky Go on Xbox One/X/S?

  • Go to the Microsoft Store on your Xbox game console
  • On the left side, scroll down to Apps and select it.
  • Select the Search icon and enter the app name “Sky Go”.
  • From the result, select the Sky Go app icon and go to its information page.
  • Select Get the option to download and install the Sky Go app on your XboxOne/X/S console.

After installation, you can find the SkyGo app in the apps section of your Xbox console.

NOTE: You must be one of the Sky service users to access Sky Go without subscriptions.

How to create a new Sky ID and subscribe to Sky Go?

  • Visit in the web browser of your phone or PC.

Create Sky ID

  • Provide the requested information and tap Create Sky ID.
  • Verify your registered email ID and your Sky ID is created.

Now you can easily watch SkyGo on your Xbox One/X/S game console using your Sky ID. If you’re in the UK, you can access all of Sky Go’s features for free. You can also learn how to get SkyGo on other streaming devices like FireStick, please follow How to install Sky Go on Firestick? and watch your favorite channels on it.

Channels available on Sky Go

Cinema / Sports

Heaven Cinema | sky sports | ViaPlay Sports | Sports BT 1 | Sports BT 2 | Sports BT 3 | Sports BT ESPN


5 stars | 5 United States | Alibi | Channel 4 | Channel 5 | RTÉ One | RTE 2 | Virgin Media One including UTV Ireland | 3e | Comedy Center | fox | ITV 4 | Atlantic Sky | syfy | challenge | good food | GOLD | ITVBe | Sky Arts | FTA | Choose | David | ITV | For life | Heaven Witness | universal | Home | E4 | ITV 2 | plus 4 | heaven one | W | Real Lives | MY! | ITV 3 | tv | STV | Vice


boomerang | caricature | Cartoon network | CTV | nicktoons | Television for babies | Nickelodeon | Nick JR | RTE Jr


animal planet | Crime and Investigation Network | Discovery Channel | Eden | History of the sky | Sky Story 2 HD | Geographic National | Wild Wild Geo | Sky Nature | Sky Documentaries | sky story

News / International

News from the sky | CBNC | star plus | sony tv | Colors | ZeeTV | Gold star

NOTE: If you’re from the US and want to access Sky Go, you’ll need a good VPN service to bypass geo-restrictions.

Closed Captions or Subtitles for Sky Go on Xbox One/X/S

You can access Subtitles in the Sky Go app on your Xbox console. Xbox allows you to customize subtitles or subtitles for all the apps on it. You can also turn on subtitles for the Sky Q box if it’s connected to your Xbox console. follow the simple procedure to get and customize subtitles or subtitles for Sky on your Xbox.

Setting subtitles or subtitles on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

  • On your Xbox controller, press the Xbox button.
  • Go to Profile & system option and choose Settings.
  • Touch Accessibility and select Subtitles.

Subtitles on Xbox

  • You can find options like,

Subtitles off | About using the default style | About using a custom style

Select On to enable CC or subtitles on your Xbox console. The customizations you can make to CC on your Xbox are as follows:

Color | Transparency | Size | Style | Effects | Background Color | Background transparency | Window color | window transparency

How to activate subtitles on Sky Q?

  • Tap the start button on your Sky remote.
  • Go to the Settings menu and select the Accessibility option.
  • Now choose Subtitle and press Select to toggle the subtitle setting.

You have now successfully enabled subtitles on your Sky Q device.

Alternative ways to get Sky Go on Xbox

As well as directly watching Sky Go channels on Xbox, you can stream or mirror them from your other compatible devices. If you have a Sky device at home, you can connect it directly to the HDMI port on your Xbox and access live TV channels. These are the simple procedures to get Sky Go channel on your game console.

How to connect Sky Q Box to Xbox One/X/S?

  • Connect your Sky Q and Xbox console with an HDMI cable.
  • Turn on your Xbox and select the Set up your cable or satellite box option.
  • Now turn on your Sky box, read the instructions on the screen and select Next.
  • Please follow the TV guide and provide your zip code.
  • Now tap on the TV Provider dropdown menu and select your Sky Q model and hit Next.

You are all set and you can watch all your favorite Sky Box channels on your Xbox console. The video quality on your Xbox doesn’t seem to be right. It’s because your Sky box supports 4K but Xbox only has HDMI 1.4 which doesn’t support 4K. But if you can downgrade the quality of Sky Q images, you can get the best video experience on Xbox.

Lower Sky TV video quality on Xbox

  • Go to the Sky TV home page on Xbox and select Settings.
  • Under General Settings, select the TV and Display options
  • Now go to Resolution and select TV and OneGuide option.
  • Select the resolution you want and change it accordingly with your Xbox console.

Do you have a PS5 at home? Try Sky Go on PS5 and watch our favorite SkyGo channels on it.

How to Screencast Sky Go to Xbox?

With the help of the Wireless Display app from the default Xbox app store, you can easily cast the screens of your PC, Android, and iOS devices to your Xbox. To do this, your Xbox app and Sky Go compatible device must be connected to the same WiFi network. Follow the simple procedures provided here to get SkyGo on your Xbox game console.

  • Visit the official Xbox App Store and search for the Wireless Display app.
  • Now download and install the Wireless Display app on Xbox.
  • Go to the My Games & Apps section on your Xbox and select Wireless Display.

xbox wireless display

  • Select the Cast or Mirror options on your smartphone.
  • On PC, select the Connect option.
  • Choose your Xbox console to establish a connection

The device screen is now streamed to your Xbox. You can now access the SkyGo app and watch it live on your Xbox console.

You can also get SkyGo on your Xbox 360 console, see How to install and access Sky Go on Xbox 360?


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