See: This cart in Ghaziabad sells fruits Chaat Chole Kulche

See: This cart in Ghaziabad sells fruits Chaat Chole Kulche
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If there is one street food that enjoys great love among North Indians, it has to be chole kulche. Spicy chole and fluffy kulchas are truly a match made in heaven. And, when flavored with freshly chopped onions, tomatoes, and green chiles, the experience becomes even better. A chole kulche cart is a common sight on almost every street in cities like Delhi. They all serve the same dish but with a slight variation. Some stuff the kulchas with their special spices while others load the chole with butter. But have you ever heard of the chaat chole kulche fruit? No, we are not making this up, but a cart in Ghaziabad actually sells chole kulche that has fruits on it.

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A food blogger recently shared a video of the unknown combination and we want you to check it out. In the clip, uploaded to the ‘YourBrownFoodie’ YouTube channel, the vendor first shows off everything he offers on his little cart which includes cucumber, tomato and onion salad along with raita. He then proceeds to prepare his special fruit chole kulche. The vendor begins by peeling and then cutting a couple of plantains and mixing the pieces with chole already prepared in a cauldron. Wait, the banana is not the only fruit here.

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After the plantains, the man cuts up some apples and adds them to the chole before mixing everything well. A few spices also go into chole, including red chili powder and chaat masala along with tamarind to make chole tangy and spicy.

The chole are then served on small plates and topped with some green chutney and salad, while the kulches are cooked until golden brown. The vendor tells the blogger that the chaat chole kulche fruit has been pleasing foodies for thirty years. He said that his father had started the business and now he is trying to keep everyone’s heart happy.

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Would you like to try this unique dish of chole kulche?


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