Rapper Cardi B shares photos of her 4-year-old daughter’s school lunch

Rapper Cardi B shares photos of her 4-year-old daughter’s school lunch
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Parents often wrestle with the question: what to pack for their children’s school lunch? Should it be a sandwich or fried chicken nuggets? A fruit salad or a paratha? Ideally, a school lunch should be a good mix of a variety of foods and fit into a balanced diet. If you’re a parent looking for inspiration for your child’s tiffin meal, look no further. The American rapper Cardi B showed us what meals she prepares for her four-year-old daughter, ‘Kulture’. The impressive meals went viral on Twitter and left netizens pleasantly surprised. Have a look:

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“Kulture school lunch be everything,” Cardi B wrote in the caption of the tweet along with an apple emoji. Cardi B shared three different photos. In the first click, there was a white sauce pasta along with broccoli florets and nuggets. She had also packed an assortment of berries, cereal, and other snacks. In the other clicks, there were foods like corn on the cob, grapes, oranges, kiwi, apples, and strawberries. Cardi B also took it upon herself to pack smoothies, juices and other healthy drinks for her daughter.

Several Twitter users reacted to the images shared by Cardi B. Several of them wanted to know about other meals that the rapper and singer prepares for her four-year-old daughter. “If this is school lunch, how is her breakfast and dinner?” asked a follower. “Haha… like that,” Cardi B responded with a photo and video of the Kulture breakfast and dinner. It included a plate of strawberries with an omelet and shredded chicken with vegetables. Have a look:

We’d love to see more glimpses of Cardi B’s food journals and her daughter’s school lunches. What did you think of the posts shared by the rapper? Tell us in the comments.

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