Project Slayers: How to Get Devourer Katana

Project Slayers: How to Get Devourer Katana
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With the new 1.5 update, a host of new items, weapons, and equipment are added to Project Slayers on Roblox. One of these includes the Devourer Katana, which offers many benefits. It is part of the Devourer series and is considered the best sword in the game. But how to get or find Devourer Katana? Check out our guide to find out how to get Devourer Katana in Project Slayers on Roblox.

How to get Devourer Katana in Project Slayers

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You can find and get Devourer Katana from of the devourer Jaw in Project Slayers. Once you reach the Jaw of the Devourer, head to the blacksmith near lava fire pit to get the Katana. You can buy the Devourer Katana for 150,000 wen and 10 minerals. While you’re at the Blacksmith, you can also buy devouring fan and Scythe to complete gear set.

Note that if you are playing as a Devil, you cannot buy or get this Katana. If you want to get this Katana mastered by tradethe sword level requirement is level 150. So make sure you know how to upgrade your devourer gear.

But what are the stats and benefits of this Katana? Scroll to the bottom to find out.

All Devourer Katana stats and perks

Here are the following stats and benefits of this Katana:

  • +5.0x Item Health
  • +3 Sword Attack Damage

In addition to the sword and its equipment, you can also refer to how to get and use Devourer Elixir for more information. If you’re looking for the top, bottom, or skin of the Devourer, check out our guide on how to get the devourer set for more information.

That is all on how to get Devourer Katana in Project Slayers. If you liked this guide, check out more guides to find where is dressage, how to get rengoku haoriand more Roblox Guides for other games here on Gamer Tweak.


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