Openai: Canada may launch investigation into ChatGPT maker OpenAI, here’s why – trendswire

Openai: Canada may launch investigation into ChatGPT maker OpenAI, here’s why – trendswire
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The ‘out of control’ growth of artificial intelligence (AI) technology has led several countries to draft regulations for its responsible development. AI chatbots went viral with the release of ChatGPT, developed by Microsoft-backed AI research company OpenAI. Previously, Italy launched an investigation into ChatGPT for privacy concerns, and now Canada has become the latest country to launch an investigation into open AIdata collection.
According to a report by the trendswire news agency, Canadian privacy regulators are launching a joint investigation into the maker of ChatGPT. The probe will investigate the collection and use of OpenAI data.
In a statement, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada said the federal privacy regulator, along with its counterparts in Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta, will investigate OpenAI.
With this investigation, the regulator will ensure that the company obtains consent before collecting, using and disclosing the personal information of Canadian citizens through ChatGPT. The company led by Sam Altman has yet to comment on the latest investigation.
Canada’s investigation will also look at whether the company has respected its obligations regarding “openness and transparency, access, accuracy and accountability.”
“As this is an active investigation, no additional details are available,” the commissioner’s office said. The office also added that the investigation’s findings will be reported publicly.
ChatGPT has started an AI career
OpenAI launched ChatGPT in December 2022. Since its launch, the chatbot has gone viral, fueling an AI race among tech giants like Google-parent alphabet inc and Goal.
The popularity of ChatGPT and the race for AI have left governments in a difficult position. Some countries and regions have also started drafting laws to regulate the use of new technologies.

The EU has also started its process of drafting laws to regulate AI-powered technologies. Recently, the CEO of OpenAI sam altman he publicly supported laws regulating AI development, but was against excessive regulation.
Earlier, altman also threatened to leave Europe if OpenAI cannot comply with the rules set by the EU. Lately, he has put a U-turn on the threat to leave the region.


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