NirLauncher Review: One Stop Solution for All Windows Utilities

NirLauncher Review: One Stop Solution for All Windows Utilities
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Have you ever wished there was software that could handle all your Windows needs? The latest NirLauncher does the exact same thing. This tool contains more than 200 portable free utilities to meet your needs on Windows systems without worrying about downloading any third-party application or software. We thoroughly tested the NirLauncher, and in this read we will share its benefits and experiences through our detailed review.

NirLauncher Hotfix Windows Utility Tool

What is Nir Launcher?

NirLauncher is a software package that contains numerous executable utility tools for the purposes of different Windows systems. Whether it’s password recovery, network monitoring, or system utilities, NirLauncher has a tool to help you get the job done. Furthermore, each utility tool in the package is completely free of spyware/adware/malware which makes it reliable to use on the system.

Some highlights of NirLauncher are as follows:

  • is offered on 200 free portable utility tools developed by Nirsoft, which eliminate the need to find, download and install individual software.
  • Each tool is a executable file which runs natively or opens the utility’s web page.
  • All the tools are free of adware and malware.
  • You can download and run it from a USB drive without installing in your system.
  • It also allows you to conveniently categorize your favorite tools in a single tab for easy use.

System requirements to run NirLauncher

The system requirements to run NirLauncher are quite basic, which makes it compatible with any Windows platform.

  • It can run on any system with windows 2000 and above.
  • The tool works regardless of your system architecture. This means that if your system has an x64-based architecture, it will automatically run the supported version of the tool.

Steps to install and use NirLauncher on Windows

Follow these simple steps to install and run NirLauncher on your Windows system:

1. Visit the NirLauncher page in your browser and click on the Discharge button.

NirLauncher Hotfix Windows Utility Tool

Note: The downloaded and archived file is password protected. Wear nirsoft9876$ to unlock it.

2. Extract the file with the provided password and run the nirlauncher.exe archive.

3. The tool will launch and load all the utilities organized in various categories such as password recovery utilities, network monitoring tools, web browser tools, and more.

4. Click on the desired category to see all partners utility tools.

5. double click to start a utility tool and access it. It will instantly load on your screen with the required results.

6. Also, the tool allows you to create a quick access tab that contains your favorite tools. Right-click on the desired utility tool to Add it to Favorites.

NirLauncher Hotfix Windows Utility Tool

7. Finally, switch to View tab to access Favorites menu. You can also press the button F2 key to open or close it directly.

Our experience with NirLauncher

NirLauncher is a great all-in-one utility tool that can help you get your task done on any Windows machine. We tested it to find the web history of our Chrome browser without opening it. Surprisingly, the tool already had a Chrome history view tool in the Web Browser section, which worked like a charm as it was able to extract all the Google Chrome history.

NirLauncher Hotfix Windows Utility Tool

Similarly, the WebSiteSniffer in Internet Tools was a great help in capturing a website and saving it to our hard drives.

NirLauncher Hotfix Windows Utility Tool

In addition to the useful tools, there are certain things to work on, which are the following:

  • Despite being simple, NirLauncher’s interface feels outdated.
  • Windows security was often activated during installation and active use, indicating the presence of a potentially unwanted application in the system. However, the company claims that it is nothing more than a false alarm.
  • Categories that contain multiple utility tools often lag causing the app to crash. insensitive.

Pros and cons

After testing it, we gathered the following pros and cons of using NirLauncher on Windows:


  • No need to install the app as it runs directly
  • Completely free to use
  • Can be downloaded and run from an external drive
  • You can add more packages to it besides the native NirLauncher package
  • You can generate plugin files to build and use from a bootable live CD


  • very basic interface
  • False alarm triggers from antivirus programs are very annoying
  • The tool is frequently late to open subcategories with an extensive list of utility tools
  • stop responding sometimes


So this was our review of NirLauncher which can come in handy as a handy tool to get your tasks done while saving valuable time on Windows. The fact that it is not demanding in terms of specifications and can run on basically all Windows PCs makes it a great tool; however, I would have preferred a modern user interface. If you find it useful, please spread the word to your friends and subscribe to GadgetsToUse for more interesting software reviews.

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