Netflix: Researchers have a ‘Netflix’ warning for you – trendswire

Netflix: Researchers have a ‘Netflix’ warning for you – trendswire
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Netflix is expanding its campaign against password sharing to more countries and has caused a significant exodus of users. According to a Kantar study, Netflix lost more than a million subscribers in Spain alone during the first quarter of 2023. Now, a new report says that hackers are taking advantage of this situation.
This situation has created an ideal scenario for cybercriminals and numerous illicit businesses are selling Netflix subscriptions on the Internet. dark websaid a report from Check Point Research, the threat intelligence division of cybersecurity firm Check Point.
“Researchers have discovered Telegram channels affiliated with these cybercriminal portals that offer access to the monthly Netflix Premium plan for as little as 190 Indian rupees. These channels promote the ‘effectiveness and legitimacy of full access’ to attract potential buyers,” the report found.

The report also noted that cybercriminals are selling Netflix accounts on Telegram and are often linked to other cybercrimes. Most of these accounts are obtained from compromised credentials or breached accounts.
“These cybercriminals may not honor their end of the bargain. Check Point Research has found cases where users were unable to gain access or were locked out after a few days, weeks, or months,” the report says.
How to stay safe from cybercrime
Users can protect themselves from such cyber crimes.
Users can increase the complexity of the password by using a combination of 14 to 16 characters that comprises various letters (upper and lower case), symbols and numbers. This will help protect your account against hackers.

Users should also avoid the use of personal data such as birthdays, personal or family names, or easily identifiable information. Additionally, users should avoid reusing passwords across different accounts so that if a cyber attacker compromises one password, they cannot gain unrestricted access to all other registered services.
Users should never share passwords with anyone and if they detect any suspicious activity on their accounts, they should check for unauthorized access and change their passwords immediately.


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