Monsoon Prep: All Taluks In Mysuru To Get Control Rooms

Monsoon Prep: All Taluks In Mysuru To Get Control Rooms
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Although control rooms will soon be set up in all taluk centers to handle flooding and other rain-related emergencies, Deputy Commissioner KV Rajendra has told district and taluk officials to be prepared to handle the demands that resulting from heavy rains and warned about lodging. FIRs against officials who are indifferent to their job and responsibilities during the season.

While asking officials to prepare to handle emergencies and support people in need of assistance, the Deputy Commissioner told officials that they were working in the district where the Chief Minister belonged and that everyone should be more careful and responsible in the performance of their functions. homework.

In a meeting called to discuss the pre-monsoon measures to be taken here on Tuesday, Mr. Rajendra said that the places that witnessed problems during the monsoon last year should be identified and action should be taken accordingly. In case of floods and other emergencies, people in danger should be taken to relief centers, he said, adding that overhanging tree branches should be pruned, leaning power poles should be corrected or replaced with new ones, waterlogging in the roads. Damage from dilapidated structures and decrepit school buildings must be prevented and prevented.

The Deputy Commissioner called on officials to take steps to open control rooms in the taluks and provide help to family members in case of deaths in rain-related incidents. The control room must function 24/7 and help must reach those in need within 48 hours, Mr. Rajendra told the meeting.

The DC directed taluk officials to activate the taluk disaster management committees for action planning.

Mr. Rajendra said that the officials concerned should inspect the lakes and check the safety of the dikes. In case of any leakage, it should be taken care of immediately and also make sure that the houses in the low-lying areas around the lakes do not face any problem during the monsoon.

While he stated that there was no shortage of funds to release relief to farmers in the event of crop losses, he said that affected farmers must be adequately and immediately compensated for the loss suffered by them due to the rains and the relief It must be disbursed after the survey board.

He said the fire and emergency services department must keep its men and machinery ready for operations. The boats, expert swimmers and the necessary equipment must be ready to attend the operations. People must also be properly educated on the precautions to be taken during ignition.

MCC Commissioner Lakshmikanth Reddy said the issues faced during the rains in six of the 65 districts here had been resolved.


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