“Like a slow fall”: Man reflects on life of parents after retirement, Internet reaction

“Like a slow fall”: Man reflects on life of parents after retirement, Internet reaction
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'Like a slow fall': Man reflects on life for parents after retirement, internet reactions

The user learned that retirement came with its own set of difficulties.

Many of us spend years imagining what our perfect retirement would look like, whether it’s exploring the world, spending more time with family and friends, engaging in hobbies like painting, gardening, cooking, golfing, or just taking it easy to vary. However, we tend to ignore how our retired parents are reacting to the same thing while we are immersed in work. One user took to social media to share how “mundane” things turn into a big event during that phase of our lives. The user learned that retirement came with its own set of difficulties, shocking many online.

The user, who goes by Gabbar, said in a tweet that he went to Lucknow to spend a few days with his parents to see what life is like after retirement. “I came home to Lucknow to spend a few days of the week with my parents. To see what exactly a retired life is. Most of the visits are on occasions, whether it’s festivals or a health related emergency or a wedding or an anniversary. Atypical events, where you can… I don’t observe the mundane and consume myself in the occasion in its fabricated activity,” he said.

He added that he came to “participate in the mundane.” “I came home for an event that is not to watch. To live. To participate in the mundane. How an air conditioning mechanic doing air conditioning maintenance becomes the highlight of the day and is talked about with great detail with the neighbors. Was the service fee correct? What was the problem?” he commented she.

“Oh, there’s a power outage. The inverter batteries are old now. The mother complains. The father has buried his head in a newspaper. The biggest device of willful ignorance. There’s a pressure cooker whistle. It’s very quiet “A whistle again. The evenings are harder. The buzz of life returns at night,” he said.

The user said he would often catch his father “going through his investments and savings” on his phone in the middle of the night. He concluded: “Retirement is hard. Like a slow fall.”

Since being shared, the post has amassed over 5.7 lakh views and four thousand likes.

“Everyone has to go through this phase,” said one user.

“Quiet life, home set according to your needs, things moving at a slow pace so they can stay the way they want, all this makes up for a pretty happy life for retired people,” said one user.

Another user noted: “Retirement is a word mostly used for fathers. Mothers work forever. Even after they retire from their ‘jobs.'”

“I agree. However, if one has a strong interest other than work, then retirement may be better. My father is going through the same thing. Although he tries to keep busy, but it’s not going anywhere. Your previous tweet is beautiful, I wanted to read a book,” said one person.

“Retirement is difficult if you don’t have a social circle or purpose in life. My 74-year-old father is busier after retirement with his college lectures, workshops, senior outings, and helping the community. You need keep busy to keep your mind and body active,” wrote one user.

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