Last section of UK Banksy’s seagull mural removed, owners talk a nightmare

Last section of UK Banksy’s seagull mural removed, owners talk a nightmare
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Last section of UK Banksy's seagull mural removed, owners talk a nightmare

The seagull was part of the Banksy collection.

Civic authorities in a UK city removed the section of a wall that supported the Banksy mural. The art, a seagull, appeared on the building in Lowestoft, Suffolk, suddenly in August 2021, according to the BBC. The image was part of the artist’s Great Britain Spraycation, which Banksy confirmed in an Instagram video. Civic authorities had said these murals would be removed and began working with small businesses to restore them and display them at a local museum.

It was originally painted next to a container containing strips of insulation to represent chips, but the feature was removed to prevent tipping.

Last month, the mayor said he had been assured that the wall where the elusive artist’s mural resides has not been covered over and that work is underway to stabilize it, the BBC further said.

Garry Freeman, an employee of the construction company involved in the structural removal, said it had now been stored, “somewhere in the UK”.

However, the owners of the house where the mural was painted shelled out $247,000 for the bird to fly.

“At first it was obviously amazing. But as things have progressed, it’s become extremely stressful. I’m not sure Banksy realizes the unintended consequences for homeowners. If we could turn back the clock, we would do it”. New York Post he quoted Garry Coutts, the home’s co-owner, about the artwork and its removal. It is believed to be worth millions.

The couple claimed local council officials told them it might be under a “preservation order” and that the Coutts will be personally responsible for maintaining it.

“I had to hire a night watchman to look after it after someone stole part of it and tried to sell it on Facebook,” Coutts said. “On another occasion, vandals were caught with a dozen cans of white paint and were apparently going to paint over it.”


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