Is Patta in my name required?

Is Patta in my name required?
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I own one floor in a seven-unit building built in 2010. The entire land ownership is in the name of the original owner of the land. All the owners of the flats have a deed of sale registered with this land owner for their respective UDS area; there is a separate unregistered construction agreement with the project developer. Now I want to sell my apartment. Do I need a separate page in my name for my UDS zone? Some real estate agents insist that I have to apply and get a separate patta in my name for my UDS. They say that the registration of sales cannot be done in any other way. It’s right?

S.Kathiresan, Chennai

At present, patta cannot be obtained from an undivided part of the land. If you propose to sell the apartment, it will be the responsibility of the buyer or their lawyer to check your title deeds and income records to ensure that ownership can be transferred to the buyer’s name without any difficulty.


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