Gulab Jamun with Dahi! The Internet Gets Confused With Food Combination

Gulab Jamun with Dahi!  The Internet Gets Confused With Food Combination
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Strange food combinations have often let the internet down. There are several recipes on the internet that have given an original twist to traditional preparations. Whether it’s biryani with mayonnaise, instant noodles with chocolate spread, strawberry pizza, or fries with dal chawal, there is no lean time to watch on social media. If you thought you’d seen enough of these food combinations, let us tell you, it’s not over yet. Recently we came across another food combination that has conquered social networks. It’s gulab jamun with dahi and people have already dubbed it as the “worst combination ever made”.
You must have tried the popular rabri jalebi, or even gulab jamun with rabri, but serving gulab jamun with curd has definitely left the internet scratching its head. Food blogger Gaurav Wasan shared a video on his Instagram account, which opens with a stall vendor serving up a big dollop of curd alongside delicious gulab jamun. “Yes, humare yaha ki, famous second course hai (this is our store’s famous second course),” he said. Gaurav reveals that a bowl of one gulab jamun and one tablespoon of curd cost Rs. fifty
“Will you ever try this combination?” read the headline of the post, which has so far logged more than eight lakh views.
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Watch the video here:

People also reacted strongly to the post, with one user saying, “Worst match ever made.” Another wrote: “Thoda namak bhi chidak dete (you might as well have sprinkled some salt).”
One of the Instagram users even called the combination of gulab jamun and curd “unhygienic” because “oil with curd is harmful.”
“Zeher hello peela do… (give me poison instead),” one individual reacted.
Earlier, a video of the gulab jamun burger went viral on social media, leaving people in shock. Read all about it here.
Given a choice, would you like to try these gulab jamun combinations? Let us know in the comments below.


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