GH Reveals The 4 Position Heroes You Should Pick

GH Reveals The 4 Position Heroes You Should Pick
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A prominent name in the competitive Dota 2 landscape, Nigma Galaxy has recently undergone several roster changes, with players like Sumail.”Sumail“Hassan and Ammar”ATF“Al-Assaf transitioning to different teams. In the midst of these adjustments, the team’s support player, Maroun”GHMerhej, has stepped into the spotlight in a new video posted on Nigma Galaxy’s YouTube channel. In this highly-anticipated upload, GH takes on the task of tier-ranking position 4 heroes, showcasing his knowledge of the current meta. As fans were happy to see the player in the spotlight, the GH tier list offers valuable guidance for both aspiring and seasoned players looking to dominate in the support role.

S Tier Heroes: GH Picks For The Strongest Positions 4

In the GH tier list video, he designates just four heroes as S-Tier Position 4 heroes, highlighting their exceptional strength and impact in the current meta. These heroes, according to GH, have the potential to turn the tide of battles and contribute significantly to the success of his team. Among the S-tier heroes chosen are:

This is what it says for each hero:

“Pugna, this hero seems very strong, especially if someone follows the Major closely. They’re picking it up a lot with midlane partners like Storm. He can give the storm full mana, full HP, so I think he’s a strong laner and has a good impact on the game. I’ll put it in the S-Tier.” he said.

“Kepper (KOTL) is basically the other Pugna and can fill out the mid hero, whether it’s a hero that’s low on mana or HP or something or just needs the cooldown down or reset. I think Keeper belongs to the S-Tier, just like Pugna.” added.

“Sorceress, the hero is broken. No need to explain much about it. He just dominates the lane, he peaks at him at tier 3, a very effective hero, he’s basically always in contention, which is why he’s at tier S.” he said.

“Io, one of my favorite heroes, he might be a bit biased, but I’m going to put him in S tier. Because overall he’s a well-rounded support hero.” GH said.

GH D-Tier Heroes: Don’t Pick These

In his tier list video, GH also identifies eight heroes that he considers to be at Tier D for Position 4. These heroes, based on GH’s assessment, face challenges in the patch and the current meta, making them less desirable options for support players. . Heroes at this level include:

  • Perdition

  • naga mermaid

  • Moon

  • omniknight

  • Tiny

  • vengeful spirit

  • winter wyvern

  • Zeus

GH’s ranking suggests that these heroes may have a hard time finding their place in the current meta. It’s worth noting that some of these heroes were previously played as supports in previous patches, which shows the ever-evolving nature of the Dota 2 meta.

The GH tier list video serves as a valuable resource for Dota 2 players, particularly those interested in excelling in the Position 4 role. While highlighting the exceptional strength of S-tier heroes like Pugna , KOTL, Enchantress, and Io, GH also sheds light on the weaknesses of Tier D heroes. As the meta continues to evolve, players can use the GH tier list as a starting point to understand the current landscape and make informed decisions in your hero selections. The tier list video not only showcases GH’s experience and game knowledge, but also gives players the opportunity to further their understanding of the support role in Dota 2.


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