Genshin Impact Zero Hour Summoning Guide: How To Beat All Opponents

Genshin Impact Zero Hour Summoning Guide: How To Beat All Opponents
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The Zero Hour Summon Event is part of the highly anticipated Genshin Impact 3.7 update, called Duel. Summoners’ Summit. Running for over two weeks, this grand event offers a variety of captivating game modes and valuable prizes. The duel! The Summoners’ Summit Genshin Impact event features four sub-events titled: A Tour of Wonders, Zero Hour Summoning, Evermotion Clockwork Paint, and Heart of the Dice. Each side event introduces players to unique gameplay mechanics, ranging from solving puzzles to fighting hordes of enemies, all in search of rewarding treasure. The Genshin Impact Zero Hour Summon event challenges participants to outsmart their opponents in the Genie Summon TCG (Trading Card Game) using only the cards provided by the event.

Genshin Impact Zero Hour Summon Part 1: How to Beat Amber

The three recommended cards when dueling Amber in Genshin Impact’s Zero Hour Summon event are Rhodeia of Loch, Fischl, and Venti.

The combo is simple but a bit tricky to pull off. Start with Rhodeia and summon Hydro Mimics. After this, switch to Fischl and summon Oz to activate the electro-charged reactions.

Once you have Hydro and Electro summons, switch to Venti for Swirl reactions. If you manage to draw cards that allow you to switch quickly, such as Leave It To Me!, Shift Switching, and When the Crane Returned, be sure to use them to max out your combo before Amber’s turn arrives.

Just repeat the process until all of Amber’s character cards are dealt. If you’re having trouble with this combo, you can swap out Fischl for Kaeya for a Frozen reaction combo. This will prevent Amber from having too much of a chance to take you down, especially on Serious Showdown difficulty.


There are three objectives that players must complete. Each goal rewards players with the following prizes;

  • Complete a duel with this player on any difficulty.

    • Summon Coupons x200

    • Genshin – Primogem x30

    • Genshin – Mulberry x30,000

  • Complete a duel with this player on any difficulty and be victorious.

    • Summon Coupons x100

    • Mora x40,000

    • Hero Hero x2

  • Complete a duel with this player on “Serious Showdown” difficulty.

More puzzles and guides will be released at a later date. Fans will have to keep an eye out for more Genshin Impact zero hour summon strategies in the days to come. for more information and guides on Genshin Impact Duel! The Summoners Summit event.


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