FB Alert: If You Make These Mistakes On Facebook, Even By Mistake, You May Have To Go To Jail, Learn How

FB Alert: If You Make These Mistakes On Facebook, Even By Mistake, You May Have To Go To Jail, Learn How
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Facebook Rules and Guidelines: There are many social media platforms where people of almost all ages find themselves connected in one way or another. For example, just look at Facebook. Here people first create their ID and then connect with other people. After this, people share their photos, videos, and their thoughts here. Not only this, nowadays people also earn good income from platforms like Facebook. In the midst of all this, as a Facebook user, you need to take care of a few things, because if you don’t, even a small mistake of yours can land you in trouble. That’s why it’s important that you know. so let us know You can learn about this on the following slides…

Never make these mistakes on Facebook:-

number 1

  • People connect with each other and share their stuff on Facebook. Here, both boys and girls are friends with each other. In such situation, you should keep in mind that never send wrong message or wrong video or photo etc. no girl You may have to go to jail for doing this.

number 2

  • You share photos, images and videos, etc. on Facebook, but even by mistake, please don’t share hacked links of any illegal movies here or send them to anyone via messenger. It is wrong to do so and appropriate action can be taken against you for doing so.

Number 3

  • What are you posting on Facebook, what are you posting for, first understand all these things. This is because here, even if you accidentally post something that hurts someone’s religious feelings or incites riots due to the many posts shared by you, then appropriate action can be taken against you. That’s why don’t do this.

Number 4

  • Facebook has a messaging feature to communicate with each other, but please note that never send offensive or threatening messages to anyone. If you do, you may be subject to appropriate action.


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