Delhi Meat Shop Offers 2100 Worth Goods For Rs 2000 Bill, Internet Applauds Marketing Move

Delhi Meat Shop Offers 2100 Worth Goods For Rs 2000 Bill, Internet Applauds Marketing Move
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The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recently announced the withdrawal of the 2000 rupee notes from circulation, allowing people to exchange or deposit them into their bank accounts by September 30, 2023. Although these notes will continue to Being legal tender until September 30, the news has caused a furor on the Internet. Memes flooded various platforms, but one butcher shop cleverly used this ad to boost its sales. A Twitter user shared an image of a message displayed outside the shop, featuring colored prints of Rs 2000 notes. The message read: “Give us a 2000 rupee note and take 2100 rupee sardar goods, a pure butchery, GTB Nagar”. The tweet praised the shop owner’s innovative advertising strategy, highlighting the intelligence of Delhiites compared to the RBI. Take a look at the tweet and the attached image.
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The post is going viral on the microblogging site and has amassed more than lakh views and numerous reactions. Impressed with the idea, one person commented that “business sense is about taking advantage of opportunities.”

People have approved of the butcher’s “advertising ploy”.

“Kitne tejasswi log hai humare paas (what brilliant and capable people we have),” reacted one individual.
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“Mahatma Gandhi ne socha bhi nahi hoga ki meat shop me unki value badh jaayegi (Mahatma Gandhi would never have imagined his value would increase in a butcher shop),” read a tweet on the microblogging site.

Prior to this, popular dairy brand Amul and food delivery platform Zomato had also shared amusing posts about RBI’s decision to withdraw Rs. 2000 notes. Zomato, in his tweet, listed the behavior of children, adults, and legends when ordering food from the app. They wrote, “Kids: Exchange Rs 2,000 notes at the bank, Adults: Request cash on delivery and hand over Rs 2,000 notes, Legends: Never had Rs 2,000 notes.” Read the full story here.

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