ChatGPT helps a man find an apartment in Berlin: this is how

ChatGPT helps a man find an apartment in Berlin: this is how
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New Delhi: It can be challenging to find a home in a new city, but did you know that ChatGPT can make things easy for you? Impossible as it may seem, the 28-year-old founder of a venture capital firm has accomplished the seemingly unthinkable. After working for almost four months to find an apartment, he used ChatGPT and was able to do it in just two weeks.

This instance once again demonstrates the unlimited potential of ChatGPT. This chatbot can help you with just about any task when implemented correctly. 28-year-old businessman Daniel Dippold, who runs the venture capital firm EWOR, struggled to find a flat to rent in Berlin with his girlfriend. (Also read: 9 most popular mobile phones of all time)

Despite four months of searching, they couldn’t find anything they liked on well-known home search engines like Immo Scout24, Immowelt and Immonet. They also asked their contacts for help, but unfortunately, none of them had reliable leads. (Also read: Netflix starts charging for account sharing: check how much it costs)

Dippold told Business Insider: “I felt really scared because there was hardly anybody who could give a flat.

Dippold reached out to ChatGPT for help after months of hard work. He asked the chatbot to provide him with 20 tech strategies for finding an apartment that he could use to supplement his reliance on online search engines.

The chatbot came up with a number of ideas, including automating alerts on real estate websites and developing a machine learning system to identify locations with the best prices.

Although Dippold was intrigued by some of these concepts, he found that many of them were not feasible. So he requested an additional 40 ideas from ChatGPT. The creation of an extensive database with data on all public and private property managers in Berlin was ultimately his favorite recommendation. He could then speak to them directly about possible housing possibilities.

He asked himself, “Hey, can I potentially build something easier with GPT?” after exhausting himself looking for a flat in Berlin. It was successful, she said.

According to Dippold, using the chatbot to search for accommodation was a “creative solution” that provided a faster and better experience than using standard apartment-finding techniques.

However, he added that the chatbot is not perfect. He referred to some of ChatGPT’s suggestions as “absolutely useless.” Creating a chatbot to talk to landlords or signing a lease without physically seeing the property, for example, were neither recommended nor feasible solutions.


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