Best places in Delhi/NCR that offer gourmet cheese platters to serve to your guests

Best places in Delhi/NCR that offer gourmet cheese platters to serve to your guests
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Gone are the days of simple chips and dips that you could serve to your guests. Now it’s all about the ingenious arrangement of exquisite cheeses, cold meats, fruits and a wide variety of delicious accompaniments. Do you know what we are talking about? Yes, the cheese board or charcuterie board, as many people call it. The French trend for cheese plates has taken the entertainment world by storm and has taken hold of Delhi’s most discerning hosts. These visually stunning and delicious spreads have become a centerpiece at parties, get-togethers, and even potlucks. These dishes are common but exclusive, and you can’t find them in any food establishment. But many home-based startups in Delhi are arranging and offering attractive dishes that you can order and serve.

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Take a look at some of the best places in Delhi/NCR to get cheese boards prepared for your parties.

Of the best places in Delhi/NR to get cheese plates:

1. Authentic Rhea Singh Bites

If you want the best flavors along with health, there are no better dishes than Authentic Bites By Rhea Singh. Artisanal fresh cheese like Truffle Mushroom is paired with a variety of drool-worthy sauces like Olive Tapenade, Pesto, and Chimichuri. The flavor of the cheese and sauces is so impressive that you can’t stop eating. The best thing about Authentic Bytes is that you get fresh cream cheese, not hard cheese, and all foods are made in small batches with no preservatives, refined sugar, or oil. And the highlight is the marble fountain that you can use again to make your own fountains.

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2. The Theatrical Fountain

Theatric Platter is an eco-friendly grass-fed food company specializing in grass-fed tables, boxes, and platters. They make cheese plates in different sizes based on your needs and fill them with unique items like croissants and desserts if you wish. Their pickled beetroot and feta sauce are very popular.

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3. Say Cheese For Ruchi

His cheese boards look like canvases of art, adorned with cold cuts and fruit decorated like luscious flowers. The dish would surely be a hit at the table with its appeal. Try the blueberry cream cheese and truffle pistachio cream cheese.

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4. Say Cheese for Jazz

Their personalized cheese boards will fit into all your celebrations. From special birthday plates to special Christmas plates, from heart-shaped plates to alphabet-themed plates – her creativity is reflected in all her dishes.

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5. Earthy Gourmet

Earthy Gourmet is run by a duo of chefs, so you can trust that your dishes will taste good. They not only serve but also offer to teach. Its almond and blueberry cheese is a delight for the eyes and the palate. Choose dishes based on the occasion: date night cheese plate, party time cheese plate, me and my friends cheese plate, and more.

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So the next time you’re hosting a soiree, impress your guests with a special cheese plate that will leave them wanting more.


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