Beat the heat with these delicious Odisha drinks and beverages

Beat the heat with these delicious Odisha drinks and beverages
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Delicious Drinks and Odisha Beverages
Image source: FREEPIK Delicious Drinks and Odisha Beverages

As the summer season is in full swing, the high temperatures can leave one feeling exhausted, clammy and disheveled. Prioritizing hydration is critical to sustaining yourself during this scorching heat and ensuring optimal health. Due to excessive sweating, the body tends to lose water quickly, so it is crucial to replenish fluids frequently. While water is the main source of thirst quenching, other refreshing summer drinks in India can not only quench your thirst but also help regulate your body temperature.

India is a region famous all over the world for its delicious street food and other major cuisines. The eastern Indian state of Odisha is also a region that has wowed foodies across the country when it comes to its delicious dishes. Odisha is a land of rich cultural heritage and delicious cuisine and is also home to a vibrant range of unique and refreshing drinks.

Unmissable drinks and drinks in Odisha

1.Tanka Torani

Tanka Torani is a popular refreshing rice-based drink from the holy land of Jagannath puri, Odisha. Traditionally, it is made of plain rice (Arnna) which is offered as a Mahaprasad of Lord Jagannath. Some claim that the drink was first prepared around the 10th century AD This Tanka Torani is a staple drink, usually served in clay pots inside the temple and also outside at small stalls to relieve devotees standing in long lines. .

2. Bela Pana – The drink of Lord Jagannath

Bela Pana is a popular summer drink in the state of Odisha, India. It is made from a fruit called Bela or wood apple, native to India and other Southeast Asian countries. Bela Pana is a traditional drink consumed in Odisha for centuries and has great cultural significance in the region.

3.Sun Kadi

Sol Kadhi is a refreshing Maharashtrian drink made from coconut milk, kokum, and spices like cumin, coriander, and ginger. The word ‘sun’ in Marathi means sour, while ‘kadhi’ is a term used for a yogurt-based sauce in Indian cooking. Sol kadhi is made by mixing kokum (a fruit native to the Western Ghats region), coconut milk and spices. The resulting drink tastes spicy and refreshing and is often served as a digestive aid.

4. Palua Sharbat

Palua Sharbat, also known as Paula Pana, is a famous Odisha summer drink that is made from Palua (arrowroot powder), mashed banana, shredded coconut, chena, Mishri or crystallized sugar, and pepper powder. The super refreshing drink, which is a type of corduroy offered to Lord Jagannath at Puri, is also topped with bananas or shredded coconut. Similar to the other Odisha summer drinks, Palua Pana also helps with an upset stomach.

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