Australia: PM: Australia draw in T20 mode, but temple attacks must stop | Indian News – India Times

Australia: PM: Australia draw in T20 mode, but temple attacks must stop |  Indian News – India Times
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While praising India’s bilateral ties with Australia for going into T-20 mode, Prime Minister Modi in a meeting with his counterpart Anthony Albanese on Thursday again raised the issue of attacks on Hindu temples and activities. of the Khalistan separatists in Australia. Any attempt to damage Indo-Australian ties is unacceptable, Modi said. Albanian assured him of vigorous action against the perpetrators.
Modi completed his three-country tour with a bilateral meeting with Albanese and a business roundtable in which the two sides signed a migration agreement for the two-way mobility of students and business professionals, and another agreement to establish a working group for green hydrogen cooperation. The leaders also discussed many regional and global issues, including the threat posed by China’s assertiveness in the Indo-Pacific, the Russia-Ukraine war, four-way cooperation and ways to address problems facing the Global South.
Modi thanked Albanese for the steps taken to prevent attacks on Hindu temples, saying he was once again assured by the Australian prime minister that he will continue to crack down on such elements.
“The Albanese Prime Minister and I have discussed the issue of attacks on temples in Australia and the activities of separatist elements in the past. Today we also had a discussion on the subject. It is not acceptable to us for any element to harm the warm and friendly India-Australia relations with his thoughts or his actions,” said Modi, who raised the same issue with Albanese during his visit to India in March.

Australia: PM: Australia draw in T20 mode, but temple attacks must stop |  Indian News – India Times

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PM Modi: ‘I invite PM Anthony Albanese and all Australian cricket fans to India for this year’s Cricket World Cup’

The leaders also focused on the early conclusion of the CECA (Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement) to further strengthen trade and economic cooperation. foreign secretary vinay kwatra he said later that the next two rounds of ECSC talks are likely to take place in June and July.
“The scope of India-Australia relations is not simply limited to our two countries. It is also linked to regional stability, peace and global well-being. A few days ago, together with the Albanian Prime Minister, at the Quad Summit in Hiroshima, we also talked about the Indo-Pacific. India-Australia cooperation can also be beneficial for the progress of the Global South,” Modi said, adding that he too invited Albanians to the cricket world cup that India will host later this year.

Australia: PM: Australia draw in T20 mode, but temple attacks must stop |  Indian News – India Times


PM Modi expresses concern over attacks on temples in Australia during talks with Albanese PM

The talks focused on improving cooperation on trade and investment, defense and security, climate and people-to-people contacts. Both leaders did not mention the Ukraine issue in their public statements.
Recalling the Quad summit in Hiroshima, Albanese said Quad Leaders united for an open, stable, secure and prosperous Indo-Pacific region, a region where “sovereignty is respected and all countries, large and small, benefit from a regional balance that maintains peace.”
According to Albanese, the migration and mobility agreement will promote the exchange of students, graduates, researchers and businessmen, expanding ties between people and improving cooperation to prevent “human trafficking”.

He said that renewable energy was once again a focus and an important topic in the discussions. “Investments like the (green hydrogen) task force will help boost our industries in the future and ensure that Australia and India meet our energy targets in the interests of our respective countries, but also in support of reducing global emissions,” said. .
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