American Blogger Rants About Samosa Prices In Hindi – Internet Can Relate

American Blogger Rants About Samosa Prices In Hindi – Internet Can Relate
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When we think of our childhood days, we tend to get nostalgic and remember them very fondly. Do you remember the time when we could get an ice lolly for just five rupees? Or a samosa or a patty in the same quantity? Food preferences may have changed and prices may have gone up, but our love for these foods remains the same. When an American blogger shared a hilarious rant about samosa prices, and that too in Hindi, we couldn’t help but sit up and take notice. Watch the full video here:

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The video was shared by popular food blogger and YouTuber Drew Hicks. Hailing from the US, he often shares funny videos speaking in Hindi to the surprise of internet users. In this video, he shared a hilarious rant about samosa prices and how much they have risen in recent years. “They used to be 5 rupees a piece when I was a kid,” he wrote in the caption. He complained that two samosas cost ten rupees when he was a child, and now they have gone up to Rs. 500. He also showed a restaurant menu with prices in USD to prove his case. “Let’s go back to Bihar,” he wrote in the Hindi header text.
The American blogger’s tirade received thousands of reactions and comments, along with 418k views. “There was lassi for $7.50,” one user exclaimed, while another said: “You are welcome to Bihar anytime!” A couple of users were also impressed with her understanding of Hindi and the accent she used.
What did you think of the American blogger’s rant about samosa? Tell us in the comments.

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