AI Rules: This letter about AI blew the world’s senses away, you must read this news

AI Rules: This letter about AI blew the world’s senses away, you must read this news
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Through the Iron, Bronze and Nuclear Age, we have now entered the Age of Artificial Intelligence. The advent of AI-based language model tools like ChatGPT, Google Bard has ushered in this new era. Artificial intelligence will redefine the future. AI has started to be used on a large scale in all fields, from business, education, e-commerce and governance. In parallel, the dangers related to artificial intelligence are also coming to light.

A few days ago, an image from the US Department of Defense, i.e. the Pentagon, was going viral very fast. In this image, a cloud of smoke was seen rising over the Pentagon. It looked like someone had made a big attack there. As soon as this image appeared on social networks, there was an earthquake in the American stock market. This news was covered by many big digital news websites around the world. However, later when investigated, it was found to be an AI-generated image.

Another example is that of Donald Trump. A few months ago, photos of Donald Trump in which he is seen being arrested went viral on social media. After seeing these images, many people became convinced that Trump had indeed been arrested. However, it was later revealed that this was also created by AI. The thing to keep in mind is that these images looked so real that it was very difficult to tell the difference between them. With the advent of artificial intelligence, misinformation is spreading rapidly in society. Not only this, the information is being manipulated and served in the society.

In view of these dangers related to Artificial Intelligence, billionaire businessman Elon Musk, famous author Yuval Noah Harari, many AI scientists, CEOs and company founders held a meeting in April. open letter Issued.

“Giant AI Pose Experiment” In this titled open letter, it was clearly written that Good quality and powerful AI systems should only be created when we are convinced that they will have a positive impact on society. It was also written in this open letter that Artificial intelligence competing with human intelligence can create many threats to humanity and society.

Not only this, AI based chatbot tools can promote misinformation in the society. It can be used to serve political interests, which will have a negative effect on democracy. This will increase polarization in society. Today, AI research labs are capable of doing anything. In such a situation, they should be investigated and banned as soon as possible.


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