A drunk couple abuses a flight attendant, throws their baby to the ground and throws him off a plane at Manchester airport

A drunk couple abuses a flight attendant, throws their baby to the ground and throws him off a plane at Manchester airport
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By India Today World Desk: A couple have been prosecuted and fined after getting into an ugly fight and abusing their baby after a five-hour vodka binge on board a Crete-bound plane at Manchester airport. According to a media report, the woman, identified as Beth Jones, 27, and her partner, Kieran Cunnah, 30, also abused airline staff.

The report stated that the woman, a former nurse from Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, dropped her baby and was thrown off the TUI flight.

The boy fell to the floor as Cunnah tried to pass Beth down the hall. Beth put the girl back in her seat, but she brushed past her as she tried to get off the plane and knocked her to the ground a second time, according to prosecutors.

The child did not suffer serious injuries.

Meanwhile, Beth’s partner, Cunnah, also threw money at the flight attendants, yelling, “How much do you want from us?

At Tameside Magistrates Court, Brian Wilson, one of the flight attendants who dealt with the couple, said: “It was the worst situation I’ve ever had to deal with, not just because they were drunk on a flight, but because they were so incapable of caring for their own child.

“When I saw the girl fall from the aisle seat, I reached down to pick her up, but then I felt Cunnah’s hand on my shoulder. They were very unsteady on their feet, Cunnah even grabbed me to steady him at one point,” he said. .

“When I got back to my office, I had to take five or 10 minutes to recover after what I had just faced.”


Eileen Rodgers, who processed the couple, said they had arrived at the airport early because there was a warning about security delays.

They rushed through security and into the departure lounge of Terminal 2 at Manchester airport, where they bought a bottle of Ciroc vodka at the duty-free shop, he said.

“They ate and then went for drinks at the bar before departure. However, they later discovered that their flight had been further delayed to 4:45pm and this meant that their drinking was prolonged. The couple decided to return to the lounge. boarding and finishing. The bottle of Ciroc with mixers had also been bought at duty-free,” he added.

A dispute started after the cabin crew confronted the couple.


Meanwhile, the couple admitted to neglecting the children and being drunk on the plane.

Jones, who quit her job as a nurse where she worked for 10 years, was ordered to complete a 12-month community order, along with 20 days of rehabilitation and 90 days of abstinence from alcohol.

She was also fined 50 ã in addition to costs of 195 ã.

Cunnah, who is currently serving a 32-month sentence for causing serious injury by dangerous driving in an unrelated case, had her spell extended by three months and she was ordered to pay £100 and a £128 legal fee.


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