10 tips to strengthen the relationship with your partner

10 tips to strengthen the relationship with your partner
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Be patient, understand that relationships take work and occasional setbacks are normal.

Be patient, understand that relationships take work and occasional setbacks are normal.

With consistent effort, love, and respect, you can strengthen your bond and create a long-lasting, fulfilling partnership.

Building a strong relationship with your partner requires effort, communication, and mutual understanding. First, prioritize open and honest communication, expressing your feelings, needs, and concerns while actively listening to your partner. Show appreciation and gratitude to each other, acknowledging their efforts and qualities. Cultivate trust by being trustworthy, keeping your promises, and maintaining transparency. Make quality time a priority by sharing activities and experiences that foster connection and create lasting memories. Lastly, be patient, understanding that relationships take work and the occasional setback is normal. With consistent effort, love, and respect, you can strengthen your bond and create a long-lasting, satisfying partnership.

“What you water and take care of, flourishes. Just like nature, if we choose to sow good seeds of love in our relationships, nurture the good aspects of them, and protect our relationships from times when the conversation goes downhill, our relationship will continue to flourish and reap the fruits of Joy, Purpose, Happiness, Satisfaction like no other”, says Aashmeen Munjaal, ontologist, mental health and relationship expert.

Munjal shares the 10 steps to strengthen a relationship with your partner:

  1. Morning routine as a couple
    It is important that as soon as you can, you choose to sit down and journal about the qualities you appreciate in your partner. No matter how many years you have been together, when you list your partner’s good qualities, they will become more prominent, and by the law of the universe, you will automatically attract good events with them. For example: I am grateful to my husband for making me laugh, I am grateful to my wife for making me tea, etc.
  2. appreciate them
    Make a note to congratulate your partner on what they did well. Maybe the I love you message made you feel great, let him know! If you appreciate the way your partner prepares your lunch and how it makes you feel deeply wanted and loved, let your partner know that you love that about them, etc. You can do this by talking to or sending them a message right away!
  3. Have effective communication
    Any two humans can have different views on the same situation and can have a conflict of views. It is very effective for you to take a step back; see why they are saying what they are saying. You may not agree with their point of view, but you have to respect that they are saying it from their experience and life learning and there is no absolutely correct way. Try to talk and come to a solution halfway. It is vital to provide an honest and safe environment for communication.
  4. Quality time
    Schedule and plan quality appointments with your partner. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married for 50 years, take time every day, week, or twice a week to spend quality time doing things you both enjoy. You can go for a walk in the morning or after dinner; You could plan Saturday as your couples date night, or go on a couples weekend vacation every month. Be sure to spend quality time with each other.
  5. make a deliberate effort
    You would like to feel special, right? Your partner too! Know what your partner likes and go the extra mile to indulge their tastes. If they like a clean house, a particular smell, you with a certain type of clothing, flowers – make an effort from time to time to make them feel loved. When you start giving, be ready to start receiving the joy in the relationship.
  6. Flirting is good for the health of your relationship
    It is always fun to add sparks in your relationship as it keeps the spark and joy alive. A message of love that you have for them, or how much they mean to you, a song that reminds you of them, or a dance celebrating your relationship: Understand how your partner expresses love and work to make them feel loved. Showing physical affection, such as hugging, kissing, and holding hands, can help reinforce your emotional connection and show your love for your partner.
  7. never go to bed angry
    It is very crucial in any relationship to forgive. It is the nature of human life to make mistakes, even without knowing it. One must learn to let go and forgive them. You can also discuss how you will make sure the mistake never happens again, so you can learn from the incident and grow together as a couple!
  8. Trust
    Trust is essential for a strong and healthy relationship. Be trustworthy and consistent in your actions and words. Little things like: Saying I’ll be there for the date and not introducing myself; or I am going to plan a vacation and then be very absorbed in work are signs of not being consistent with actions and words. No need to over-commit, but just make sure that whatever you do, you do it 100%.
  9. learn and grow together
    Encourage your partner to pursue his own interests and goals, and support him in his personal growth and development. It is important to continue learning both as an individual and as a couple. It is highly recommended to attend seminars, watch videos, participate in retreats around topics that interest you both, because when you learn together, you grow together and that greatly impacts the quality of life as an individual, couple, and family.
  10. Celebration
    Celebrating important occasions and milestones, like birthdays and anniversaries, together can help create lasting memories and strengthen your bond.

Above are some tips to be laid out to create joy, romance, bonding in your relationship with your partner.


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